Marianne Modica

Mamun Srizon
Marianne Modica teaches early childhood and multicultural education at University of Valley Forge in Phoenixville, PA.

She writes young adult and children’s fiction and has published several academic journal articles on the topics of education and race relations.

Marianne has presented her work at academic conferences, schools, churches, and community organizations. Marianne is available for local book talks and speaking engagements for schools, community organizations, and churches.

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Marianne Modica is the author of four novels, an academic text, and numerous journal articles. Her work focuses on the experiences of children, youth, and adults who are trying to find their place in an increasingly diverse society.

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The Reclamation

Mamun Srizon

Imagine a world where a nationalistic distortion of Christianity has become the state religion. Imagine a world that divides people into two groups: those who are “Committed” to the state religion, and those who remain “Uncommitted,” refusing to pledge their loyalty to the oppressive religious sect.

Welcome to Wylie’s world.

Wylie, an Uncommitted teen, lives as a second-class citizen in a late twenty-first century reality where adherence to the state religion is everything. One day, forgotten recordings from a long-past theology class invade Wylie’s life and set her on a journey toward the miraculous. When Wylie connects with true-believer Abby through a virtual holo-story, past and present flow together in unexpected ways.

"“In the tradition of recent dystopian novels, Modica has added a unique theological element. As current as today’s headlines, she envisions a world where Christian nationalism has taken over, while a few “uncommitted” maintain a feeble resistance. Modica narrates through the eyes of a teenage girl as she turns eighteen and awakens to possibilities in her life and her beliefs. Never heavy-handed, Modica weaves her religious themes seamlessly into this adventurous tale.”

- David Penchansky, professor emeritus of theology, University of St Thomas


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Green World Gray

Mamun Srizon

Mom is behaving strangely—even for her, Will thinks, and the inquisitive teen can’t rest until he finds out why. So begins the adventure Will has always longed for, but never believed possible. Time travel, aliens, memory wipes, and a fight to save the future beckon, but Will and his sister, Halia, have a choice to make. Should they and their friends join the battle? Should they risk their comfy today for a better, greener tomorrow, or should they let the future take care of itself? How will the choices of a few regular kids (and their not-so-regular cat) affect the planet for ages to come?

"Green World Gray is an intriguing adventure into the world of time travel. This story has mysteries, adventure, and a sibling team that kept me turning the page, wondering what would happen next. It was a insightful tale that left me asking myself what I would give up to make someone I love happy, and how seemingly insignificant decisions can make an impact. The characters and relationships were just as compelling as the time traveling itself. I loved this book, right up to the ending!"

-Whitnew Gutwein Ebert, VIPKid.

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King Me

Mamun Srizon

What does a 10-year-old boy do when his whole life changes in an instant? When Ryan King’s father loses his job he is sent to live with an aunt he never knew. Ryan uses his favorite comic book stories of The Inhumans to face loneliness, stand up to bullies, and ultimately find his own voice.

“King Me! Is the bittersweet story of a middle school boy who finds his inner super hero in the midst of a year of loss. Using in-depth characterization and gentle humor, the novel explores how children may survive and thrive when they use their voices to help each other confront bulying, shame, and loneliness.”

-Lynne Vallone, Rutgers University.

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The R Word

What happens when a young, sheltered white girl makes some unexpected friends and begins to think seriously about race for the first time? The R Word explores race from the perspective of a white suburban teen who is surprised to learn that her experience is not universal.

“The R Word offers the reader a journey of truth-telling, shedding light where it’s needed—in personal encounter rather than sociological sound bites.”

- Nancy Thomas, Eastern University

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Race Among Friends

Mamun Srizon

Marianne's academic text is an ethnographic study of a racially mixed, suburban high school where, despite the overall friendly environment, racial tensions festered beneath the surface with negative consequences for all.

“With rich narratives, solid data, and a refusal to smooth over problematic areas that exist when discussing whiteness and racism, Race Among Friends addresses important issues with insight, clarity, and a call to (re)commit ourselves to pursing strategies for undoing whiteness and racism in ourselves and in the teaching environment.”

-Alice McIntyre, Hellenic College.

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Journal Articles

Marianne has published the following articles in academic and educational journals

“‘My Skin Color Stops Me from Leading’”: Tracking, Identity, and Student Dynamics in a Racially Mixed School.”

International Journal of Multicultural Education, 17:3 (2015), 76-90.

“Unpacking the Colorblind Approach: Accusations of Racism at a Friendly, Mixed Race School.”

Race Ethnicity and Education, December 17, 2014. DOI: 10.1080/13613324.2014.985585.

“The Challenge of Combining Critical Frameworks.”

“Constructions of Race Among Religiously Conservative College Students.”

Multicultural Perspectives 14.1 (2012). 38-43.

“How Do Children Grow Spiritually?”

Christian Educators Journal, October 2000.

“Involve the Children in the Process.”

Christian Education Counselor, September/October 1999.

“The Death of a Preschool.”

Focus on Pre-K and K, ACEI Quarterly Newsletter, Winter 1998.

"Kids & Television - One Mother's Quest for Sanity."

Kids, June 1994.